Middlefield Original Cheese Cooperative

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These wonderful Amish cheeses come from one of the few remaining farmer-owned Amish co-ops, which includes approximately 120 members, nearly all of whom are Amish. Each small farm is a labor of love, consisting of no more than 20 cows. Hand-milking is the norm, and the fresh milk is delivered to the USDA-approved Amish-run cheese plant in traditional 10-gallon milk cans. These cows are not treated with BST growth hormones, are not fed GMO feed, and are kept in good health in comfortable environments. From early spring to late fall, the cows are out on pasture, enjoying the luscious grass and sunshine.

Certified non-GMO, Kosher and Halal vegetable rennet is used in these cheeses, rather than animal rennet. The result of all this is an exceptional local cheese, bursting with wholesome flavor, and free of artificial hormones or steroids.

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