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Cheese Curds are squeaky fresh, delectable cheddar cheese in its natural, random shape and form before being processed into blocks of cheddar. Their flavor is mild with about the same firmness as cheese, but they have a slight rubbery texture. They are somewhat salty. Fresh curds squeak against the teeth when bitten into, a defining characteristic. Cheese curds are sometimes referred to as “squeaky cheese.”

NOTE: The curds will vary in size. Some are larger while others are smaller. Don’t expect a bag with all large curds. See image for a representative bag of curds. The curds you receive may be white, yellow, or orange.

NOTE: We don’t make cheese every day, so cannot guarantee that fresh cheese curds can be shipped immediately. If you order curds, your order may be held until cheese is made.

NOTE: Since they are not aged, fresh cheese curds have a refrigerator shelf life of about 14 days. However, you can freeze cheese curds for up to 4 months.


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