Healthcare and You

Healthcare and You

Medical Accounting is Against the Patient

Image result for kleenex boxNot only is there a problem with the effectiveness and quality of diagnoses and treatments in our current healthcare system, there are great discrepancies in regards to charges for services.

Reports of $20 boxes of Kleenex (and many more items) are not uncommon on bills for hospital stays and medical bills seem to be designed to be confusing and to hide charges from the patient.

Also, routine procedures (including CAT scans, mammograms, etc.) vary greatly according to where you go, even in the same city or metro area.  Prices are not transparent and the whole system has a feel of used car salesmen trying to sneak something by the patient/consumer.

A medical billing advocate is not a luxury, but a necessity, especially for high deductible/partially self-funded/self-funded scenarios.


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