Healthcare and You

Healthcare and You

Hospitals Can be Dangerous

Contrary to popular thought, hospitals are becoming dangerous places
As the complexity of our healthcare system increases, because the system itself is faulty, errors and mistakes increase with it. 
Why are hospitals dangerous?
Hospitals are generating medical errors at an alarming rate.  Medical errors are a leading cause of death in the U.S., in fact we are three times more likely to die in a hospital from medical error than dying in an automobile wreck.  Medical errors include:
  • Drug errors (average one mistake per patient per day)
  • Surgical errors
  • Safety violations – antibiotic-resistant infections, bed sores
  • Fraud and conflict of interest
  • Privacy and security issues
Why are Medical Errors happening at an alarming rate?
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of unified information technologies
  • Lack of transparency and performance accountability
  • Push for speed and efficiency silences patient communication
  • Not patient-centric
Marty Makary, M.D.

a physician, New York Times Best Selling author and television medical commentator. Makary is known as an international expert in patient safety and served in a leadership role at the United Nations World Health Organization

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What do I do?
  • If at all possible, avoid going to the hospital unless it is a necessity.
  • Before you go, check the online ratings for the hospitals near you and make a common sense choice for the best care.
  • If you must go, take a close family member or friend to be an advocate for you during your stay.
  • If you’re in the hospital, you can’t be “too” safe.  Take the time to check everything and question what is being done – drugs prescribed, treatments suggested, surgeries recommended.
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