Healthcare and You

Healthcare and You

Doctors are Human and Don’t Know Everything

How do doctors make money?
Doctors are paid mainly by procedures that they perform.  Therefore, surgeries and other interventionist procedures are what most doctors are thinking first to solve your problems.  In unstable emergency situations, this approach has saved many lives.  For chronic illnesses and stable patients, this approach has been a failure.


Doctors are Human, They make Mistakes

A culture has endured around the medical profession that holds doctors up on a higher level than their patients.  This is neither good for the patient nor the doctor.  When a patient is not engaged in the diagnostic process, there’s a greater chance for misdiagnosis, unnecessary surgeries, and failed treatments.  Times have changed, knowledge is more accessible, and informed, energized, and engaged patients are the key to making healthcare work.


Doctors are overloaded, overbooked and limited in the time they spend with patients.  Thus the statistics show:

  • 29% of medical cases are misdiagnosed
  • 60% of medical cases require a change in treatment
  • 38% of surgeries are unnecessary
What can be done?
Become an engaged patient.  Don’t just accept what your doctor says. Find out for yourself.  Question, probe, study and find ways to solve your health problems.  Take responsibility to live a healthier lifestyle and eat right.  Without becoming active in your role as an e-patient, healthcare will not get better.   Your doctor must listen to you, as you are the one who knows your body best…if the doctor will not engage you in the process, find one that will take the time to listen and have a meaningful conversation about your health.
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