About Us

We are a family living in rural Southeast Missouri. Our children play a big part in our lives and in the activities of everything we do.  In fact, they are Green’s Garden.

We walked away from the business world and started our store about 12 years ago with the hopes of being able to work more closely with our kids. Because of the downturn in the economy, in 2009, we had to close the store and re-invent ourselves. Going to farmer’s markets to sell our baked goods and produce has worked out well for us over the years, but life is always changing and requiring more changes from us.

We’ve been organic farming/gardening adherents for over 40 years and appreciate the movement away from synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides, and to composting and natural fertilization methods popularized by folks like Sir Albert Howard, Lady Eve Balfour, the Rodales, the Nearings, Eliot Coleman and others.  We are organic in our methods but have never pursued USDA approval or certification.

We also appreciate the movement to Nutrient-Dense foods and the brilliance of Carey Reams, Dan Skow, and others and we have incorporated parts of that movement into what we do, specifically soil testing (with the weak acid Morgan test) and soil mineralization, emphasizing calcium levels and balancing mineral ratios.  We feel this has a great effect on taste and the nutrition of our crops.

Also, we seek to garden in a permaculture way (Bill Mollison, Sepp Holzer), not emphasizing specific crop yields but looking for total yield in an integrated whole-picture approach.  We look for unconventional ways to grow plants, animals, and us together in a small space (less than 2 acres).  Many, many times we have learned invaluable concepts and practices from indigenous, third-world subsistence farmers (and NGOs) through reading how they farm and studying their lives (FAO, Heifer, MBRLC, ECHO, and others).  

We’re still learning and we’re still adding more parts to what we’re doing here.  We are thankful to God for the opportunity to learn and grow together as a family.  Jesus Christ has brought us together and is working in our lives to make us something we just couldn’t do for ourselves.  He really deserves all the credit for anything that someone would see as a good thing in our lives.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

The Green Family